When it comes to online gaming, digital trends have made a lot of progress since the old days of low graphics and pixelated elements. Online casinos are investing in more powerful graphic systems, hence breathing new life into current releases.

Influenced by technology, media, fashion, and culture, online games are becoming more graphically intense, as compared to what we saw in the past few years. Check out the latest visual technologies and digital art trends which designers are using to create online games.

Flat Design/Material Design

Inspired by minimalism, the flat design provides a colorful and neat look with the help of subtle gradients, bold typography, and negative space. It is a popular option for casino sites, as it facilitates fast load times. Some of the most famous and award-winning casino games are played on websites featuring the flat design, e.g. the Monument Valley, a type of indie game.


While some people deem skeuomorphism to be an outdated design style, it is still a popular technique for gambling sites. It refers to the application of interface objects which resemble the real counterparts both in the appearance and interactions with users. An example of such design is the icon that is used as a recycle bin on a computer.

Online games with skeuomorphism designs have stitched ribbons and wooden textures on their interfaces. Through interesting approaches as seen in Unibet US (PA), this trend is used in motion-based game controls to mimic real-life tasks such as multiplayer games. Also, developers are striving to create games whereby the characters almost act and look like human beings.

They are using performance capture technology to bring virtual reality. Basically, the technology records the movement of people and objects and maps the information on 3D software models. The end results are digital characters acting like real-life counterparts.


A few decades ago, a pencil and paper were the basic drawing tools. But today, the animation field utilizes computer programs in a major way. Animators are using their best artistic skills in conjunction with specialized computer skills to draw and paint. To gain a competitive edge, they use such programs as Kinetix 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Maya/PowerAnimator, and SoftImage.

The Artistic Potential of Online Games

The potential of casino games is undeniably huge. Software developers are very creative when unleashing their talents to come up with attractive game interfaces. NetEnt, for instance, has a broad spectrum of titles such as Invisible Man and Glow, exuding digital art at its best. These are some of the possibilities of what digital design can achieve in the online gaming world.

Soon, digital art is more likely to move towards unrealistic universes. Going beyond realism, people should expect the imagination realm, accompanied by hyper-sensorial experiences, dystopian visuals, and utopic worlds.

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